Tossing lamps in the garbage doesn’t feel great. They end up in the landfill and the mercury can seep into the groundwater supply. With our program, we take your spent lamps and dispose of them the correct way to ensure proper handling. We are partnered with dedicated recycling facilities and can even provide a certificate of recycling. We understand many of our customers have sustainability goals for their buildings and tenants; let us help you provide this service affordably and with ease. Elevate Lighting will work with your organization to collect and dispose of the product correctly.

Lighting Design

If you have a space that needs refreshing or repurposing, are taking over a new space for your office, want to upgrade for a new tenant, or your parking lot is too dark and you want to reduce vandalism or increase security, chances are your lighting system will need refreshing. If you do not have an architect or electrical designer on staff, it can be a big task to learn how to create a lighting design with so many factors to take into consideration, like:

Using our team for lighting design, we can provide you the most cost effective options to achieve your vision. If you don’t know what you want, we can help you figure it out. We offer these value added services to all our customers and typically do not charge extra for it.

LED Retrofits

To fully maximize the benefit of energy efficiency, converting a full building as 1 project is the way to go. When a complete parkade, or all the common areas, or any areas that are running 24/7 lighting are tackled at the same time, it only increases overall efficiency of project completion. By retrofitting to a LED system, energy consumption can be reduced by 50%+ which in turns reduces your energy bill.


Not everyone knows a ‘great’ electrician and team who can install or repair your lighting system. The value in using our team is you do not have to search for someone, check their references, insurance, WCB, understand their expertise, and compare the quotes for a fair price and ensure that you have a warranty after the installation is complete and invoice is paid.

Energy Audits

Quite simply, an energy audit can let you know how much energy your lighting system consumes and the associated cost. This is helpful when evaluating a move to a more energy efficient system and calculating the payback period. Energy audits are useful when attracting new tenants to your space, participating in energy rebate programs, and understanding the wear and tear on your assets. Our process includes a site visit to map out what kind of lights, how many of each, hours per day, and your current energy cost.

Facility Re-Lamping

If your facility lights are starting to fail and are causing dark spots, call us and we will replace the lamps and, if required, the ballast. It is essential to have the proper facility or warehouse lighting for you and your workers.

Parking Lot Lighting

When your exterior fixtures start to cycle, flash, or fail to turn on, we will replace the lamp, wipe the lens, and if required replace the ballast. Never be left out in the dark again!

Fluorescent Tube Retrofit

If you are currently using T12 fluorescent tube lighting and are interested in upgrading to the more energy efficient T8 system, contact us and we will provide an audit and change out the lamp and ballast, while making sure the spent parts are recycled properly.

Lighting System Upgrade

Are you moving into a new space, expanding or renovating and want a NEW lighting system? Let us design a lighting system for you that is energy efficient, reduces energy consumption, improves light quality, reduces heat output, reduces maintenance, and looks fantastic.

HID Systems
(High Intensity Discharge)

For optimal performance, we recommend a complete relamp as lamps share a similar lamp life and will start to fail in and around the same time frame. HID Lighting run on a lamp and ballast system – in order to get the longest life out of your system the lamps and ballasts will need to be replaced every few years.

Special Projects

If there is any type of lighting project you have in mind, contact us as we are very versatile and would love to help.