Energy Audits

What is an Energy Audit?

Quite simply, an energy audit can let you know how much energy your lighting system consumes and the associated cost. This is helpful when evaluating a move to a more energy efficient system and calculating the payback period. Energy audits are useful when attracting new tenants to your space, participating in energy rebate programs, and understanding the wear and tear on your assets. Our process includes a site visit to map out what kind of lights, how many of each, hours per day, and your current energy cost.

Why is an Energy Audit Important?

Environmental Responsibility: We help to reduce your energy consumption, lower your carbon footprint, and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Enhanced Asset Lifespan: Efficient energy usage means less wear and tear on your equipment, extending its operational life.

Attractiveness to Tenants: Energy-efficient spaces are more attractive to potential tenants due to their lower expected energy bills.

Qualify for Rebates: Local, provincial and national programs offer rebates for businesses that adopt energy-efficient practices. Energy audits can help businesses qualify for these incentives.

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How an Energy Audit Can Save You Money

Energy audits have revealed a savings of 50% of a client’s electricity bill.

Client case example:

Based on $0.15/kWh & 12 hrs/day & 6 days/week

Existing lighting system – 35,000 kWh equalling $19,656/ year

Post upgrade – 17,000 kWh equalling $9,547/ year

Savings of $10,109/ year

Our Energy Audit Process

Site Visit: Our team will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the types of lights in use, their quantities, operational hours, and current energy costs.

Analysis: Using the data from the site visit, we’ll analyze the energy consumption patterns and identify inefficiencies.

Recommendations: Post-analysis, we’ll provide a detailed report highlighting areas for improvement and potential solutions.

Implementation: Should you decide to act on our recommendation, we will assist you with the transition to a more energy-efficient system.

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Ready to discover potential savings and boost your business’s efficiency? Schedule your energy audit today!