Lightbulb Recycling

Elevate Lighting’s Lightbulb Recycling Initiative: Lighting the Way to a Greener Calgary

Elevate Lighting’s Lamp Recycling Program:
A Sustainable Choice for Calgary Businesses

Tossing lights in the garbage doesn’t feel great. They end up in the landfill and the mercury can seep into the groundwater supply. With our program, we take your spent lights and dispose of them the correct way to ensure proper handling. We are partnered with dedicated recycling facilities and can even provide a certificate of recycling. We understand many of our customers have sustainability goals for their buildings and tenants; let us help you provide this service affordably and with ease. Elevate Lighting will work with your organization to collect and dispose of the product correctly.

Our lightbulb recycling service is meticulously designed to meet the sustainability goals of Calgary’s diverse commercial sectors. We ensure that spent lightbulbs are handled in an environmentally responsible manner.

How a fluorescent tube is recycled:

  • The tube is crushed and the mercury and tube gas is run through a carbon filter and collected.
  • The crushed glass is then washed and ground into fine particles.
  • A portion of the mercury is recovered and reused, the filters are incinerated to prevent contamination, and the ground glass is reused in reflective roadway paint.

Environmental Benefits of Lightbulb Recycling:

  • Hazard Prevention – Proper recycling prevents harmful elements like mercury in lightbulbs from polluting the environment.
  • Resource Reclamation¬†– Our recycling facilities salvage materials from bulb, which are repurposed, conserving resources and reducing the environmental footprint.

Join forces with Elevate Lighting and contribute to making Calgary a leader in environmental conservation. Reach out to us to integrate responsible lightbulb recycling into your business practices.